What is called pre-primary teacher?

A pre-primary teacher is an educator who is responsible for teaching and caring for young children in pre-primary education settings. These teachers work with children between the ages of three and five, and their primary focus is on developing children's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills through a variety of play-based and hands-on activities.

Pre-primary teachers may work in a variety of settings, including nursery schools, kindergartens, and preschools. They may also work in private settings, such as home-based day-cares, or in public settings, such as government-run early childhood education programs.

The responsibilities of pre-primary teachers may include planning and implementing age-appropriate activities, creating a safe and nurturing environment for children, assessing children's progress and development, and communicating with parents or caregivers. They may also work closely with other professionals, such as speech therapists or occupational therapists, to provide support to children with special needs or learning difficulties.

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